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Re: Help with Rule Writing

By Otterpop
8/12/2017 8:29 pm
I was wondering if anyone could assist me with this. In my last game, I calculated that the rule should have fired 22 times with the results around 14 run/8 pass plays but it was the opposite 14 pass/8 run plays. Did I do something wrong when I wrote this rule?

It is #3 on my list the first 2 deal with backed up to the goal line and coming from behind

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Re: Help with Rule Writing

By Booger926
8/12/2017 8:34 pm
Is there something we aren't seeing?
I mean its 1st down with 1-15 to go from your 11 to opp 11 at any time, depending if you are down 29 or up 30.
What is it you actually want to do?

Just because I don't run on rules doesn't mean I can't read them or choose to use them
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Re: Help with Rule Writing

By tribewriter - League Admin
8/12/2017 8:41 pm
Yes, we would first need to know what percentage run and pass you have chosen on the slider. Then you would have to check "view plays" and see which plays are most heavily weighted. Those are the plays most likely to be called based on your settings for that rule.

Re: Help with Rule Writing

By Otterpop
8/12/2017 8:42 pm
Sorry Here it is

and I counted there are 13 run plays heavily weighted before the first pass play
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Re: Help with Rule Writing

By Booger926
8/12/2017 9:02 pm
It has been my experience with rules that you first want
Play Type

By the information you provided, I have down (first)
yardage for 1st (1-15)
location on the field (from your 11 to opp's 11)
while being down by 30 and up by 30
while you are preferring to run the ball 55% of the time and passing the ball 45% of the time
When you run the ball you prefer to run it inside 35% of the time (yet 64% of your running game, 19.25% of your plays) and when you throw the ball, you prefer throwing it short 30% of your 45% passing game ....or short passes account for 14% of your total offense.

can you see where I am going with this

Re: Help with Rule Writing

By Otterpop
8/12/2017 9:11 pm
Not Exactly you are thinking at whole another level than me. :-) That is a compliment

But yes this situation was set to run more than to pass. It worked in the last game but I had the running percentage set much higher and I thought it was too much.

Re: Help with Rule Writing

By Booger926
8/12/2017 9:30 pm
And yet you are 4-2 while I am 2-4....

So one has to question my thinking while I am sure of my abilities.....
but of course I'm a little bias

Re: Help with Rule Writing

By eyeballll
8/13/2017 10:51 pm
First of all, as TribeWriter noted, you've set up for 55% run and 45% pass, which is practically a coin flip... If you want to see how the plays involved are being 'weighted', click on the 'view plays' tab on the rule, and it will show you all the plays and the bar with the likelihood that they will be called. From what I understand, which play gets called is based on this bar.

I'm not sure why you are choosing to make a rule here, instead of just setting it up under 1st and Med in your playbook matrix... are you experimenting to try to understand how rules work? If so, kudos to you, I like the idea of getting into the guts of how rules work...