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Is player name customization ok?

By raidergreg69
6/27/2017 4:06 am
I noticed you prefer we don't customize our teams on our own, and I'm fine with that given the theme of our league. I was curious about the player names though. When I first started playing MFN, I was having trouble keeping track of who was on which of my teams as the generic names were often way too similar.

I bought myself some credits and now every draft I name my picks, usually after TV characters or heavy metal musicians. With my Oakland teams I have been using actual names of past or present Raiders. Usually there is some sort of theme involved.

One idea I had already considered for this team's players I think you'll like. I was going to research the original NJ Generals and try to match as many as the system will allow to my draftees. I only remember 1 or 2 of their players off the top of my head. I know Herschel Walker played for them before he joined the NFL and I think current Bengal analyst Dave Lapham was also a General. I know he played in the USFL after his NFL days, just fuzzy on which team.

Re: Is player name customization ok?

By tribewriter - League Admin
6/27/2017 7:36 am
Sure, you can customize player names.
I remember Doug Flutie as the quarterback and Maurice Carthon was the fullback with Herschel Walker.