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The Philadelphia Inquirer - MYFOOTBALLNOW Edition

By Bgartz29
7/31/2017 9:11 am
The 1974 Preseason is finished in the USFL/WFL league and your Philadelphia Bell finished with a 3-1 record. But not all is sunshine and roses here in the city of brotherly love.

While the offense seem to hold its own, the defense seemed to be a revolving door for the opposing passing game. All of the team's safeties were late pickups after newly appointed GM Bgartz29 neglected to draft any in the league allocation draft. The GM was quoted saying 'Whoops' when asked why no safeties were taken. Obviously, the newly hired GM will have to show why he deserves to be the team builder in the coming months, or he may be looking for a new job quickly.

On the official USFL/WFL paper, predictions were handed out and it appears the East division will be a formidable one for the rest of the National Conference. The veteran laden Boston Breakers are not only predicted to win the division, but the entire league. The Bell were slotted in a wild card slot so it appears the experts think the Bell offense will be enough to have the Touchdown Bell ringing a lot over the course of the season.

The Bell's week 1 match up will be a inter conference battle with the Arizona Wranglers. The Bell have to travel cross country for a late afternoon game. So we will see if the long flight has any effect on the players.

Prediction: Wranglers 24 - Bell 21

Re: The Philadelphia Inquirer - MYFOOTBALLNOW Edition

By tribewriter - League Admin
7/31/2017 9:46 am
NBC just announced this game has been moved to Sunday Night Football. Should be a really intriguing matchup.

Re: The Philadelphia Inquirer - MYFOOTBALLNOW Edition

By Bgartz29
8/02/2017 6:56 am
Sept 9, 1974 Week 1

World News:

Yesterday President Gerald Ford, who assumed office on the heels of President Richard M. Nixon’s resignation, pardons his predecessor for his involvement in the Watergate scandal.

Congress had accused Nixon of obstruction of justice during the investigation of the Watergate scandal, which began in 1972. White House tape recordings revealed that Nixon knew about and possibly authorized the illegal break-in and wiretapping of the Democratic National Committee offices, located in the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. Rather than face impeachment and removal from office, Nixon chose to resign on August 8, 1974


The Philadelphia Bell held off the Arizona Wranglers 17-13. The Bell defense was relentless in its pass rush, registering 7 sacks. 5 of those sacks came from second year player Daryl Barney, who finished 2nd in DPOW in the National Conference this week.

The Bell secondary also played extremely well by holding the Wrangler passing game to 156 yds on 30 attempts. Maybe the flimsy secondary can be good enough for the offense to take over games for the rest of the season. Having a hellacious pass rush will help. So as long as they stay healthy the defense should be good enough.

However, and that's a big however, we need to once again look at GM Bgartz29. This shlub did not have a punter on the roster. This brought in WR Cory Robinzine to handle the punting, and let's just say things did not go well. 17.7 yds per punt is a straight embarrassment. Hopefully the GM will get his head out of his a** and do some actual GM work.

Next week the Bell play division rival Boston Breakers for first place in the division. This will be a good barometer on if the Bell have post season aspirations or not this season.

Prediction: Boston 31 - Philadelphia 14

Edit: It appears that GM 'Head Up His Ass' has signed a punter for this week. 'Bout damn time.