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Voodoo continue streaking

By big_guido1983
8/10/2017 3:40 am
With a top ten scoring offense and the best scoring defense the Voodoo owner, Guido, has been hearing rumblings from league sources that there might be some higher power involved. "All I know is that playing in New Orleans has really worked for us." Coach Bridges said while holding a few traditional "Voodoo" dolls that looked suspiciously like Steamers coaches; Rawlinson, Dowdy, and Banfield.

There have been some really extraordinary warm-up "rituals" done by some of the Voodoo players during pregames. Some of which has really weirded out this reporter. "All I can say is the secondary practice house is never used and sounds like it's loaded with many different animals as though it was a farm." Said Voodoo starting CB Larry Ackman.

No matter what is actually going on, the Voodoo will have to continue doing whatever they are when they face off with the Florida Blazers for the conference lead in week 6. "It'll be a very tough matchup for our league leading defense going against their league leading scoring and passing offense. Hopefully we'll continue with some of our "voodoo" luck against Blazers QB Trombly.", said coach Bridges, "and give our offense some short fields to work with."

This reporter's prediction, Voodoo win 27-20