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Welcome to the USFL/WFL!

By tribewriter - League Admin
6/26/2017 1:04 pm
Guys, thank you all for joining my league. There are a few items I want to call to your attention.
1. Please note the date of the allocation draft has been pushed back to July 10. This is to prevent us having to draft over the July 4 holiday so that we can spend those days focused on family, friends, and being proud to live in the U.S.A.
2. I am working with JDB on making some modifications to the basic MFN league structure. Most of these can only be accomplished with his intervention, so please be patient.
3. One modification I hope to add is that of a rotating trade approval committee. This committee will protect inexperienced owners from being taken advantage of by veteran owners (a scenario I hope we never face). Completed trades must be approved by the committee, then I will give final approval and let the trade go through. I suspect this will only be a formality 99 percent of the time. If a committee member must recuse themselves due to a conflict of interest, I will name a replacement.
4. Please do not customize your teams without checking with me first. I have taken great pains to customize for historical accuracy.

I hope this will be a fun experience for all of us. I hope to be able to publish a blog for this league with owner profiles, player awards, etc.

Re: Welcome to the USFL/WFL!

By tribewriter - League Admin
6/27/2017 6:16 pm
We have filled more than half of the openings, so the sim will start running on July 10, the first day of the allocation draft.
I held off choosing my team to let everyone get their favorite. But, we got down to one head coach with my preferred offensive and defensive systems. So, I took the Florida Blazers a couple minutes ago.