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By tribewriter - League Admin
7/27/2017 8:21 pm
We have had several owners join our league recently with only a month or two of MFN experience. I would like some of the more experienced owners in the USFL/WFL to be willing to share advice with these guys if they ask. I am always willing, but there are owners in this league with more experience than me. Please reply to this post if you are willing to help out a newcomer.

Re: Mentoring

By pdoug20
7/27/2017 9:32 pm
I know I've been on MFN for a while now, but there are some things that even I don't know. Despite that, I'm more than willing to help out any of our newcomers if they should want to reach out.

Re: Mentoring

By raidergreg69
7/27/2017 10:45 pm
I'll help with what I can though like most, I'm still learning things too. The easiest thing for beginners to do is to click the links under the timer and read the old blog posts/tutorials. Most of the questions I see posted can be answered there. Aside from that, try to find time to watch your game. It's one thing to just look at numbers but actually seeing how plays work went a long way toward my learning curve. One of the first things I learned was those outside toss plays almost always went nowhere for me so I quit using them. Then I noticed my crappy defense often shut down the same play.

That was the previous game engine, and those plays can be successful given good blocking. I won't bore anyone with more examples but the game film has varied speed settings and you can watch a game in 15 minutes at fast setting.

Another thing newcomers can do is look around the various leagues and check out the rosters of the dominant teams. Find out what type players they have and try to acquire better players yourself.

I did that when I was a newbie and losing games by 20+ and found the teams I inherited were awful. There were good players for sure and I made personnel mistakes but finally after a few seasons, I was able to get my rebuilt teams into the playoffs.

Last thing I will say for now is to not stop trying to improve all aspects of your roster. From time to time during a season decent players will become available. They may not look like all that much at first glance, but upon further review perhaps he is better than your current backup at that position. The bottom of your roster is just as important as the top.

Re: Mentoring

By big_guido1983
7/28/2017 12:31 am
I have no problem answering questions if asked. Especially if it's something asking the lines of why I might use a certain player over others.