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Preseason week 1

By raidergreg69
7/22/2017 5:56 am
Well that was no fun, been awhile since one of my teams was beat down that bad. I'm often a slow starter in seasons as decisions are based on old or incomplete information, or in this case no game information.

I didn't have the time to figure out exactly what I wanted to run so I let the coach put in a gameplan and I changed several plays. Really all I wanted to get out of tonight was some information and I got it, the score was embarrassing but immaterial.

Right from the get go I give up a 100 yard KO return. Next drive the defense let Ayala run free behind them for a long TD. That would become a theme, as would my offense turning it over deep in my own end. Chicago fumbled several times as well but just like when I fumbled, Chicago usually recovered.

I have a feeling I will mention Ayala more than once when I post the POW candidates.

Good news is this game is over and hopefully the Generals just need some playcalling changes.

Re: Preseason week 1

By Loftusranger
7/22/2017 7:11 am
I am finding that the beauty of the allocation draft (this is my first) is that squads do vary widely and mismatches will occur at certain positions. My Steamers shared 86 points with the Thunderbolts which was a great game for the(ir) fans. I was always chasing the game but at least my offence and special teams found the end zone (as did the Thunderbolts) whilst both defenses chased their tails.

The game saw kicks returned for 97 and 103 yard TDs and other TDs were scored of 67, 83, 70, 95 and 57 yards. Preseason is only the start of the learning curve after all!

Re: Preseason week 1

By CrimsonWolfZ
7/22/2017 11:37 am
Wow my WR John Ayala went off like I've never seen in a preseason game! The very first play in the game he took a kick return to the house for 100 yards, and in only 2 quarters of player he got 4 receptions for 200 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Though the biggest negative of the game is that my FB Henry Haynes had 3 rushing attempts and all three were fumbles, so hopefully in the regular season he doesn't see a carrie with the ball.

Good game raidergreg69 and good luck on the rest of the season!

Re: Preseason week 1

By Booger926
7/22/2017 1:30 pm
tribewriter wrote:
First preseason game is Saturday!

Thinking that the first game was on Saturday, the day after I wake up from a Friday Night's sleep, and also knowing that weekends are basically Simfree, I did not pay any attention to the game or time. However, to my surprise, I find out I won the first game I have ever played in this league against the Orlando Renegades by a score of 19 - 16
This win happened while I did not start any of the 15 Offensive linemen I had drafted as I was still debating who would be the best at where.
This win happened while only having 5 first downs the entire game to my opponent's 15.
This win happened while only having 141 total offensive yards to my opponent's 430.
This win happened while only having 29 total rushing yards to my opponent's 111.
This win happened while only having 112 passing yards to my opponent's 319.
This win happened while fumbling the ball 3 times.
This win happened while converting 2 of 18 third down attempts in which the average yardage to get for a first down was 10.3 yards.
This win happened while having 11.13 less minutes of time of possession, almost a complete quarter of the game.
Clearly, this win should not of happened, but I am glad that it did.
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