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By Booger926
7/20/2017 1:24 pm
I am currently compiLing a list of the players who have been drafted or signed as a free agents with 1 year or less (rookies) to be able to present a Rookie of the Year Award, both an offense and defensive ROY Award, and a All Rookie Team at the end of the season

Re: Rookies

By tribewriter - League Admin
7/20/2017 5:38 pm
Great, thanks. I am considering what we should do about end of season awards.

Re: Rookies

By Booger926
8/01/2017 4:11 pm
383 Rookies survived the final cut to help make teams in the inaugural Season.

28 did not attend a school of higher learning (Other)

Offensive specialist players consist of 20 QB's, 17 RB's, 15 FB's, 22 TE's, and 37 WR's.

Teams also have 87 brand new OL's consisting of 17 C, 16 LG, 18 LT, 18 RG, 15 RT
63 DL consisting of 23 DT's, 18 LDE's, 22 RDE
56 LB consisting of 17 MLB, 21 SLB, 17 WLB
57 DB consisting of 32 CB, 12 FS, and 13 SS
14 Kickers, consisting of 9 FG , and 5P

The top 5 teams with the most are New Jersey 28, Houston 25, Honolulu and Oklahoma 17, Washington 16, and Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Portland with 15.
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Re: Rookies

By tribewriter - League Admin
8/01/2017 5:01 pm
Really good info, goes hand in hand with tomorrow's blog post where I track ratings improvement.

Re: Rookies

By raidergreg69
8/01/2017 8:49 pm
Trump likes them young lol. Oh wait, that's Pete Rose.

Re: Rookies

By Booger926
9/08/2017 6:44 pm
There will not be any rookie report by me as promised due to being told to stand down

tribewriter wrote:
I have been thinking about your idea. I would like you to submit nominations for Rookie of the Year, but I want the Player of the Week committee guys to vote on that award. That way, nobody complains about you if you pick one of your guys. And, since you have so many rookies, that could very well happen.

Its all out of my control.