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Game of the Week 6

By Booger926
8/10/2017 3:28 pm

This week's game is between American Conference West Division rivals when the 3-2 Denver Gold travel to face the 3-2 Arizona Wranglers.

Denver, with BRAND NEW owner, Sanchezz, is on a two game winning streak since joining the league just two weeks ago. During that time, he has officially put the league's defensive coordinators on notice by averaging 37+ points a game with his offense.

Led by a seasoned 10 year veteran QB, Agustin Crook, who was taken with the 16th pick overall, one better make ready his bust for the HOF. (My opinion worth absolutely nothing is that one should look at beginning first time players {rookies}, before looking a what I consider "Fillers" for consideration. But as I said, it's my opinion.) The Gold, behind Crook, have the #3 passing offense, averaging 375 a game.

Crook has already thrown for 1,877 yards and 20 TD's against 5 INTs while being sacked 22 times. But as every good coach knows, one person does not make a team. The Gold also have two running backs that average 4 yards a carry and 60+ yards a game. And if Denver isn't beating their opponent into submission via the run, they are doing it thru AIR CROOK. Receivers William Delatorre, Leland Dudley, and Jimmy Rupe have accumulated 61% of the Gold's total Offense while catching 16 of Crook's TDs. Add to that RB Ray Bryant's 89% pass catching out of the backfield for positive yardage, many DC are wondering "How do I stop that?"

Meanwhile, the Arizona Wranglers, after losing their last game against the Portland Storm by a score of 9-26, is no slouch offensively themselves. Behind their field general, QB Ralph Trowbridge, who is less than stellar, Arizona throws the ball successfully when they have too. One way to keep great quarterbacks off the field is to run the ball as much as possible, eliminating excessively time which one could come back, and the Wranglers do this very well. Arizona is #3 in the league in rushing yards with 182+ a game, and their backfield is the 4th best in the league, averaging 5.7 yards a carry. The Wrangler's 436 offensive yards a game is the 9th best in the league while going against the Denver Gold's 28th ranked defense.

The last time these two teams met, Arizona got the better of the two teams and the win with a score of 43-39.

Re: Game of the Week 6

By SunBlaze22
8/10/2017 3:33 pm
I have to say I'm really looking forward to this game. It seems like a close matchup and will likely be very interesting to watch.
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Re: Game of the Week 6

By Sanchezz
8/10/2017 5:44 pm
Good stuff Booger Im looking forward to this game also

Re: Game of the Week 6

By Booger926
8/11/2017 5:42 am
Thnx to all for the compliments.
I do the write ups because I want to and believe it will help making the league more fun.
And to be sarcasticly honest, I expect our commish to send me a message saying, "Wish you would stop. You're making my Blog look bad" ;)

Re: Game of the Week 6

By raidergreg69
8/11/2017 6:06 am
Please keep it up, I like reading them.

Re: Game of the Week 6

By tribewriter - League Admin
8/11/2017 7:36 am
The Commissioner can't provide this level of in-depth analysis on the blog. Thanks for providing content that adds another element to our league's participatory culture.