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Re: Week 4 Offensive Fireworks

By raidergreg69
8/08/2017 7:14 am
I really have no clue how I'm supposed to pick just 1 offensive POW for the American Conf. I still have 1 box score to check and I already have two QB with 6 TD passes and another with 5 and all 3 were over 400 yards, 1 over 500.

In addition we had a WR with over 300 yards receiving with 3 TD and another with 5 total TD and 332 all purpose yards.

Top it off with a RB who scored just 3 TD's but had 441 all purpose yards that makes the other RB with 270 ap yds with 3 TD's look pedestrian.

At least the defense doesn't have many candidates.
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Re: Week 4 Offensive Fireworks

By Booger926
8/08/2017 7:26 am
Now that is just ridiculous

Re: Week 4 Offensive Fireworks

By SunBlaze22
8/08/2017 12:42 pm
It's like everybody in that conference chooses to explode all at the same week.
I don't know how you make decisions with that kind of brutal competition.

Re: Week 4 Offensive Fireworks

By raidergreg69
8/08/2017 4:33 pm
SunBlaze22 wrote:

I don't know how you make decisions with that kind of brutal competition.

It's really not too difficult when you start comparing numbers side by side, but when you look at all at once it looks scary.

This week for example, once I got several box scores in, I started getting picky with who I wrote down because I already saw 3 killer stat lines which raised the bar I was looking for. Upon completion I had 10 names, which I then whittle down as much as I can so the honorable mention isn't just a roll call.

That's where I had the tough time, the whittling. I eliminated a WR with 199 yds/3 TD, another WR with 121 and 3, and a 3rd WR with a 10-150-1 line, all of which would normally merit HM.

That still left 7 players so the hair splitting begins. Christopher Gray finished with 270 all purpose yards and 3 TD for 7th place. John Ayala was 6th with his 365 a.p. yards and 3 TD, while Curtis Scott had 441 yards and 3 TD for 5th place. Almost half of those yards and 2 TD were kickoff returns, which technically isn't "offense" hence the 5th place vote. Hey, when you're splitting hairs you gotta draw the line somewhere.

That leaves 3 QB and a WR. Donnie Baker only had 332 all purpose yards but 5 TD. That was his key to 3rd place, especially considering his receiving line 9-175-4. Sports talk can debate who had the better week, Baker or Scott but give me 5 TD all day.

That leaves the 3 QB for 1st, 2nd and 4th. I made Rocha 4th because of his INT, which is consistent with previous voting (I ding for turnovers), despite 534 yards passing and 6 TD.

Daniel McKee had yet another efficient game and looks like a lock to be in the top 3 Player of the Year voting imo. He was 16-22, 495 yds with a 5-0 TD/INT ratio and a 158.36 QBR. So how in the hell did he not win this week?

It wasn't because he won week 1 POW, I would have no problem giving it to him again except I felt Agustin Crook had a better game. Crook did fumble (idk who recovered) but was almost as efficient with 75% completion. True he had 89 less yards but he also threw 1 more TD and the kicker was the four 2-pt conversions.

Re: Week 4 Offensive Fireworks

By raidergreg69
8/08/2017 4:55 pm
4 weeks into this process, I'm finding this to be a fun pain in the butt lmao. I'm also finding some patterns in my stat assessing.

QB - looking for clean, efficient stat lines, Chicago QB Daniel McKee is an every week honorable mention and a great example of the type of stat line I look for. 5 or 6 TD passes are nice but if there are turnovers included, they lose votes. He would likely be a multi week winner except he's too efficient as his WR's get such great YAC, it suppresses his stats somewhat. The Blitz keep winning so I'm sure he doesn't care.

Players of the Week are supposed to stand above the rest and it's hard to do that giving the other team the ball. Just my 2 cents.

RB/WR - looking for big yardage totals coupled with multiple TD's with hopefully 0 fumbles, at least 0 lost anyway...special teams yardage/TD are somewhat included but not weighted as heavily as offensive production, but when Curtis Scott takes 2 to the house in the same game we gotta recognize.