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Mentoring Committee

By tribewriter - League Admin
8/04/2017 7:51 am
The following USFL/WFL owners have volunteered to make themselves available to act as a resource for newer owners:

Mentoring Committee

This makes me feel good on several fronts.

First, we now have 18 owners who are serving our league in at least one committee or have been active in forum discussions. That is a great core to work with.

Second, part of my vision for this league has always been that it be "noob-friendly." I have seen some new owners get discouraged quickly and drop out before having a chance to build a competitive team. While I don't sanction the cultural norm of seeking instant gratification, all of us can certainly offer enough help for them to have an enjoyable game experience.

Thanks, guys. I appreciate you.

New owners, please avail yourselves of this resource. There's no such thing as a dumb question.