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607 passing yards(spoiler alert)

By raidergreg69
8/03/2017 4:18 am
I hope nobody reads the message boards before they check out their game but if you do and you are Los Angeles or Portland, stop reading.

I'm in the middle of checking box scores for POW and I wanted to give a shout out to a player whom I already know isn't going to win, Portland Storm QB William Hill. (oh crap, they are my next opponent)

It might seem incredulous that a player can throw for 607 yards and not win POW but it's happening this week. William Hill was 25-45 607 yds with 3 TD and 3 INT. The INT's are why he isn't going to win which might create some controversy as the current front runner had 3 fumbles of his own, but he also recovered 3 which tells me he most likely recovered his own each time.

Maybe I am overly picky but I just can't reward a guy with a 1:1 TD/INT ratio no matter how many yards he throws for. Perhaps had he went 4/2 or even 5 TD's with the 3 picks I could live with it. Either way very nice game by the QB named after a European online gambling site and my defense had better be prepared next week.

Re: 607 passing yards(spoiler alert)

By raidergreg69
8/03/2017 5:21 am
LMAO William Hill isn't even Top 4 this week, WTF? The choices were many for offense this week as I like 3 RB's and 1 QB better than Hill.

First name I wrote down as I started at the top of the game list was WR William Dolloff from Cleveland who caught 5 for 163 and a TD. He didn't even make the honorable mention list.

Neither did Oakland TE Micheal Sutton and his 7 rec for 194 in a losing effort.

Others with very good performances that weren't Top 8 include Chicago RB Bruce Fine, Portland's FB Aaron Levenson and WR Damon Rosato and Detroit RB Robert Costello.
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